Friday, January 20, 2012

"Get To Know Your Skin"

This video was a little hard to watch, mostly because I am guilty of almost all of the things it says not to do. I spent many of my highschool and college years(and sometimes still today) basking in the sun, or tanning bed, all to maintain that "beautiful" glow. While I'm sure we are all guilty of risky behaviors that could in the long run be detrimental to our health, this is something that can for the most part be so easily prevented. Cancer is an awful, awful disease that has directly, or indirectly, effected us all in some way or another. Recently more than ever I have seen and heard of so many family and friends who have had to face this disease, and while some are still fighting, others have lost their battle and are now in a much better place. I know things like cancer happen and we are stuck wondering "WHY?", but it is important to remember that God put the people who surround us in our life for a reason, and his plan is greater than ours will ever be. And while we should continue to support, lift up, and stay strong for our loved ones, we should also remember to take the preventive health measures that we can to keep cancer from effecting us even more. So make sure and share this video with someone that you love and want to see stay healthy and happy! :)

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  1. I am so with you on the tanning thing. When I worked at the tanning salon in high school, I sometimes would tan TWICE in one day and then lay out at our pool. It's a wonder I have skin left. So scary to look back on that...I hate the way I look when I'm ghostly white but it's so much better than the alternative! Love you!